Parent feedback - Stafford

Before starting cerebral palsy football, Jack was quite shy around other kids and adults and, despite meeting a couple of children with CP at swimming, didn't seem to understand that there were other children with CP like him. He was confident around his family and already established friends, but wasn't confident in new situations and would often refuse to speak to new people, or join in with new activities even if he wanted to.
Now, after over a year with Tony and his CP team, Jack is much more confident. His football skills have come on leaps and bounds, and he loves playing. Most importantly, he is so much more comfortable in new situations than he was a year ago - he'll talk to new children, join in, and also talk to adults outside of family and his teachers as well, which is a huge difference. Before, even with adults he saw weekly (e.g. for swimming) he wouldn't really speak to them and we would usually have to answer questions for him. That doesn't happen any more. Watching the change in him over the last 18 months has been brilliant. I'm sure that without football Jack wouldn't have had to the confidence to change schools in September and settle in as well as he has - his teachers say it's like he's always been at this school, and that's how it feels to us as well. I honestly can't say enough how much of a difference a specific CP sport session has made to Jack. The first time we took him to training and he saw a sports hall full of other kids all with CP like him it was a like a whole new world had opened for him. He had the biggest smile, and even though he was shy and needed a bit of prompting to join in, it was obvious that he was so much more relaxed than at other activities he'd been to. When playing with other children, he's usually very aware of his differences. At CP football he's just one of the team. Watching him high-fiving his team mates and all piling on top of each other to celebrate a goal is something which is a joy to see. I didn't think he'd get that opportunity 2 years ago, and now it's something which is central to his weekends. A couple of training sessions ago I saw him arguing with a coach about whether he would be captain that week, which he wouldn't have dared to do a few months ago. Every child deserves acceptance and to just join in on a level playing field. CP football has given Jack that.


Parent feedback - Stafford & Chadderton

CP football at Chadderton Park and Stafford Town has given my son the opportunity to develop social skills and football skills. He has increased his stamina and has enabled him to keep fit in such an enjoyable way. He now feels like any other young child who plays for a football team and often talks to his school friends about his experiences. He has learnt how to compete through friendly matches and organised mini tournament like events. He has built friendships with other CP children which has allowed him to understand his condition better. The children all talk to each other about normal life experiences but also share problems that they also experience. This has allowed my so to feel more comfortable that he is not alone in his journey through life with this condition. CP football has also allowed my family to meet other parents who go through the same issues as ourselves which has really helped us. My so also went through the SDR operation which has made a massive improvement on his life. We found out about this operation through other families at football training. CP Football is now such a massive part of my family’s life and we really hope develops further throughout the country. Chadderton Park also taught me how to set up something very special and I now manage and run Stafford Town Cerebral Palsy FC.


Parent feedback - Chadderton

Brendan had always had a love for football but found it hard to keep up with friends. We tried numerous football clubs but after a few sessions of attending these Brendan would say he didn't want to do it anymore. He seemed really disheartened and explained that it was to hard for him. It wasn't until a friend had shared the information regarding Chadderton Parks CP team on Facebook that I knew these sessions were offered. I contacted one of the parents who explained all about the sessions and invited us along the following weekend. Brendan absolutely loved it, the coaches were brilliant and all the parents were friendly. Not only had Brendan found a club where he felt he belonged, as parents we had found a great support network. I really don't know what we would have done for Brendan's desire to play football, with out Chadderton Park.


Parent feedback - Chadderton

We have been to Bristol regarding SDR surgery. They decided that Sam was a good candidate for the surgery even though his surgeon at Manchester children's hospital advised us against it. Due to sam being 9 years old when we first went to see the doctor he unfortunately didn't end up having the surgery as in Bristol at the time the cut off age to have it done was 10 years old and they didn't have enough time to do all the tests, scans, physio etc on him and do the surgery before his 10th birthday so we missed out on the surgery.

Sam has always loved football and has wanted to play the sport most of his life, he supports his local football team Oldham athletic, he has never been able to do so until he started playing for Chadderton park nearly 12 months ago. This was due to is not being able to find a football team which enables children with a disability to play and be involved.

Even at school sam has never been picked to play in the football team due to his disability and this has made his feel as if he is not good enough nor understand why he is not able to play ( just because he has cerebral palsy).

Sam has loved the last 12 months at Chadderton park cp, he has been made to feel welcome and involved in all aspects of the sport. He has loved all the tournaments we have been to and has made some life long friends.

The coaches at Chadderton park can not be praised enough for all their commitment, patience and understanding towards all the children and parents. They are outstanding and if it wasn't for this club sam still would not be doing something that he loves.

Sams goal in life is to make it to the Paralympics and to play football for England.

Football and all sport for disabled needs to be publicised more and teams such as Chadderton park need to have more recognition for all that they do for the children.


Parent feedback - Stafford

Cerebral Palsy football allows Megan to play football, develop skills with qualified coaches, build friendships with other CP children and have brilliant opportunities she would not access elsewhere. The children who attend never see it as a disability football team just as a normal club, and as a parent it's great to meet other families. Because of the growing number of teams in the region and nationally Megan has been able to play in organised tournaments where she has experienced winning and loosening in a real way not just endless training sessions but playing as team with a purpose. We just need to hope they develop the women's side of Cerebral Palsy football so Megan and other girls in the team can continue to play competitive football after they reach the age limit. Basically CP football allows Megan to play the sport she loves in an environment that understands but still encourages playing to the best of your ability.


Parent feedback - Chadderton

Lucas was born 13 weeks early and sadly lost his twin brother. We got recommended to CP Football by a friend and despite living in Huddersfield, we now travel over to Chaddy Park every other week and also attend Framed Football events at St George's Park and other tournaments - Lucas loves playing football in his frame and it doesn't stop him enjoying football like most of his peers - he is included all the time playing in his frame and he is proud to put on his Chaddy Park kit and loves all the coaches that make this possible. On another point its is brilliant for the parents as well to talk to other parents whose kids have CP and the same for Lucas - we have all made friends and support each other !!






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